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My research agenda seeks to examine how subaltern subjects in South Africa and Africa display agency against systems of oppression through their art, writing, and activism. See selected research articles below.

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

2020. “Race, Science, and Gender: Producing the Black Woman’s Body as the Deviant, Degenerate ‘Other’” in Fault Lines: A Primer on Race, Science and Society, edited by Jonathan Jansen and Cyrill Walters. (African Sun Media).

2019. “Reclaiming Sex and Queering the Word: Black South African Women’s Poetry on Sexuality” in Our Words, Our Worlds: Writing on Black South African Women Poets, 2000- 2019, edited by Makhosazana Xaba. (UKZN Press)

2017. “Overcoming ‘the Daily Bludgeoning by Apartheid’”: Black South African Women Writers, Agency and Space,” African Identities. 

2016. “Conjuring up Her Wholeness”: Post-transitional Black South African Women’s Poetry and its Restorative Ethic,” scrutiny2. Special Issue: South African Poetry. Vol. 21, 2: 1-19.

2016. With Jane Bennett, Kabura Nganga, Tanekwah Hinds, and Jody Metcalfe. “Activist Leadership and Questions of Sexuality with Young Women: A South African Story,” in Feminist Formations. Special Issue: Practicing Women's Studies in the Corporate University. Vol. 28, 2: 27-50. 

2016. "Rewriting Apartheid South Africa: Race and Space in Miriam Tlali and Lauretta Ngcobo’s Novels,” Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography. Vol. 23, 9: 1329-1342. 

2015. “On Miniskirts and Hegemonic Masculinity: The Ideology of Deviant Feminine Sexuality in Anti-Homosexuality and Decency Laws,” in Contested Intimacies: Sexuality, Gender, and the Law in Africa. edited by Derrick Higginbotham and Victoria CollisButhelezi. Cape Town: Siber Ink. 3 

2013. “Black Revolutionary Masculinity in Miriam Tlali’s Amandla: Lessons for Contemporary South Africa.” Agenda, 1-8. 

2011. “Re-memory and an African Ecofeminist Poetic of Healing in Malika Ndlovu’s Poetry,” scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa, Vol. 16, 2: 32-41.

2003. “WEAVEing Identities,” Feminist Studies, Vol. 29, 3: 581-591. 

Chapters in Edited Collections

2013: “Our Stories, Unheeded: The Marikana Massacre from Afar” in Marikana: A Moment in Time, edited by Raphael d’Abdon and Phehello Mofokeng. Johannesburg: Geko Publishing. Special Issues of Academic Journals Edited 


2017. With Victoria Collis-Buthelezi, Special Issue of the literary journal scrutiny2 on the Feminist and Literary Legacies of Lauretta Ngcobo.


2017. With Simamkele Dlakavu and Sandile Ndelu, Special Issue of the feminist journal Agenda on Feminism and Womxn’s Resistance in African Student Movements. Encyclopedias 


2007. “Review Essay: Andrea Lee,” in African American Female Writers: An A-to-Z Guide. Edited by Yolanda W. Page. New York: Greenwood Press. 

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